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Are there plans for further Debian firmware releases?
I have not yet been brave enough to try to install the Debian Technical Preview 1 firmware on my Gemini (I am somewhat more cautious and tend to prefer until someone else has blazed a trail first before following in their footsteps! Wink ), and am just wondering what is happening with regards to Linux on Gemini?

Are Planet Computers planning to release further Debian firmware installers, or are they hoping that the user/developer community will take this forward fully independently from now on?

Is TP1 actually reasonable usable, with WiFi functionality working OK (although I do have a 4G Gemini, I'd be perfectly happy just WiFi (or Bluetooth) tethering it to my phone for network access for now)?

Are there plans on how to handle software updates in the future? I don't know how the Android core OS update process works: would OTA updates potentially wipe out any other second OS setup and partitioning, or is the Android update process smart enough to only update the Android partition(s) and leave the rest of the storage alone?

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Are there plans for further Debian firmware releases? - by davecykl - 06-11-2018, 05:04 PM

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