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Initialising internal wifi
(08-04-2018, 12:30 AM)TheKit Wrote:
(07-30-2018, 11:02 PM)Michael Wrote: Hi,

I can't for the life of me work out how you are bringing up the wifi in Debian TP - any pointers would be greatly appreciated! Just to clarify I am not even getting a wlan0 interface.  The networking with external devices is fine ie USB ethernet/wifi dongles.


Basically in current setup it relies on Halium LXC container (see to run wmt_launcher with other Android services. After /dev/wmtWifi appears, it's needed to "echo 1 > /dev/wmtWifi" to enable wlan0 interface.

Beware that extracted wmt_launcher is linked against bionic libc and not glibc, so while it's possible to do without container, you need other libraries extracted from Android into /system/lib64.

I didn't investigate replacing wmt_launcher with the one compiled from sources against glibc, as we still depend on Android container for GPU libs, modem, etc, but it should be possible.

As for Arch Linux, I did similar setup to Debian TP2 on it before, see for some packages. You can ping me at #gemini-pda on Freenode in case of questions.

Thanks TheKit, you are a legend.  Your reply here and over on OESF have been really helpful.  Unfortunately I've been a bit busy  and will be out of action for at least another week, but then I intend to get back on with this.  I'm sure there will be a lot more questions so thanks in advance!

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