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Samsung Dex concept vs Gemini dual boot (switch to Linux DE without device reboot)
(02-22-2018, 12:08 PM)nox Wrote: What do you think about Samsung's Dex approach?
As far as I understand Dex allows to share kernel (chroot?) between Android and Linux DE and switch it dynamically.

I have a Note8 and a DeX station (got it for free due to pre-ordering the Note8), and I have used it once. Since you need a keyboard and mouse in addition to the docking station, it is nowhere nearly as convenient as having a proper laptop or PDA. You also need a screen, but fortunately even hotel TVs nowadays have HDMI input.

And then there's the app support, which is quite lacking. There are hacks to run regular apps full-screen, but mostly they end up as small windows on the DeX desktop.

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