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It's arrived!!!
Just got my Gemini PDA... not even taken it out of the box yet, but I wanted to hop onto here to let people know that things have been shipping. I was order 200, so should have been one of the first. 

Things are getting exciting now.... I'm off to open the box :-)
me too.
well come on guys.. give us some feedback.. it can't take this long to open a box! :-)
My order number 6000+ :-(
(03-10-2018, 06:55 PM)gfoster Wrote: well come on guys.. give us some feedback.. it can't take this long to open a box! :-)
My order number 6000+ :-(

OK - As you were asking for some feedback...

The keyboard is lovely... My muscle memory from 1999 kicked in straight away and I didn't have to search to find the key locations for any of the symbols that live behind the Fn key (@,-,_ etc). They keyboard has a nicer feel than it did on the Psion 5 - It is less squishy and has a nicer feel.

The App Bar is nice to have... but not really essentail when the rest of android provides a good launcher.

CPU is plenty powerful enough... Haven't noticed it slow down no matter what I've thrown at it.

The screen is a bit of a fingerprint magnet - could do with an oleophobic coating. Screen resolution/brightness/colours are OK... but not as good as my regular phone (Xperia XZ Premium)...  Not too surprising given that the Gemini is half the cost of the Xperia though...

Gemini could really do with a fingerprint reader on the power button. I've got so used to using the fingerprint reader on my Xperia that not having it on the Gemini feels like a serious omission. (again.. for the price the Gemini is great... not really fair to compare it against a premium phone of twice the price)

Overall I'm a happy customer. I would have been more than delighted to have the Gemini replace my old HTC phone (which was always the intention), but the HTC died six months ago so I had to replace it before the Gemini arrived.

I think you'll like your Gemini when it arrives.

I installed emerald launcher from The android is much better for me to organize and use with it. I do not like that verticaly oriented  bar on the right side of the desktop from the delivered launcher.

The debian (technical preview) is not well scaled and drivers are still missing. But it's on a good starting position.

The best OS for this device: Sailfish OS from Jolla. But there is no image for testing atm. Maybe planet computers or jolla can host the image, that was shown at MWC18 asap.

Having fun and have fun...

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