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HDMI Output not working
Is it me, or does the HDMI cable only work when plugged in one of the two orientations possible with USBC?

Make sure you are using the right side and if it doesnt display a picture, try removing the adapter, turning it upside down and then re-inserting.
I haven't been able to get HDMI out working at all. I've tried all of the suggestions in this thread on multiple monitors and my TV without any luck. It's pretty disappointing as HDMI out was the main reason I bought the version with all of the accesories.
I was supposed to buy the cable but it was sold out. I figured out another solution - I bought a Microsoft Wireless HDMI v2 cable end-up and it works great. If you add two small converters (HDMI F2F and usb-c to usb-A), can be easily found in Taobao, it will work just like a usb-c to HDMI cable.
I also can not get the HDMI cable provided by Planet to work with my Gemini.

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