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Planet App Bar suggestion
I am not sure where is the place to make this suggestion but it would be great if the number keys along the top row of the keyboard were bound to the buttons in the App bar. So you could press Planet, 1 to go to the desktop, Planet, 2 to open your mail and so on.  Even better would be if the display would line up with the physical keys.

This gives a good 9-10 apps which could be accessible with two keypresses or a key combination.

If you see the old HP Omnibook keyboards, its the same idea except they used a paper strip above the keyboard to indicate which key opens which app.
I've been thinking about the App Bar, and I'd suggest three new things it could support:
  • Shortcuts to files (and other things on the home screen), as well as to apps.
  • Sublists/menus/drawers which open vertically up the screen, each showing a group of items.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.  You could assign a combination of keys to each item, which would be active at all times, not just when the App Bar's showing.  (E.g. Ctrl+Fn+D could open a dictionary, Ctrl+Fn+F for FreeCell, &c.  I used shortcuts like that all the time on my Psion, as no apps used Ctrl+Fn combinations.)
I think those three would turn it into a far more powerful launcher.

And one minor tweak: could it appear quicker?  It takes a good part of a second to wake up and then slide up the screen; only then can you see where the desired app is and tap on it.  If it could appear instantly, it would be that much quicker to use.  (It could still take a short while to disappear, as that's not on the 'critical path'.  There's precedent for this: menus &c in macOS work the same way, appearing instantly, and then fading out more slowly.)

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