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Language settings on first boot?
When I first booted my Gemini (into Android) the language selection screen was in German (described as "Deutsch (Austria)" (I think the "Deutsch" was indeed 'auf Deutsch' in the menu, but it might actually have said "German"), which was a little unexpected. I do realise that I am showing some anglocentrism here, however!

For someone with no knowledge of German, this might have been a little problematic, as the only other language shown in the drop-down menu was "English (Austria)". Luckily I speak enough German that I could understand the "Choose another language" button (which definitely was written in German ('Andere Sprach wahlen" or similar, I can't remember exactly)), and so then select "English (UK)" as the default language, from a full list of languages. (I'm not sure why "English (Austria)" was the only other option, but it seemed that it would be instinctively wrong to have chosen it.)

I don't know if this is the default chosen because of the particular model of my Gemini (US keyboard, with Europlug), or if it is the default for some other models as well?

We are probably all familiar, when encountering an unexpected language, to scrolling through the language list to choose our preferred language, but if the initial list only includes a small subset of languages, we then need to be able to recognise the means to select from the other languages available, to choose our preferred language. As I said, this wasn't a significant problem for me, but as many people around the world probably do not know any German at all, but, due to the history of the tech history and the status of English as a lingua franca, they probably would be able to recognise enough English to be able to find the "Choose another language" button if it was written in English. I would be interested to know if this is how all, or only some, Geminis are initially shipped?

I then had the problem of confirming my keyboard layout: I don't know if the US keyboard was set correctly out of the box or not, but I was able to (re?)confirm this after bodging through the keyboard preferences somehow (which is quite confusing in itself): it was a bit puzzling that the layout was described as English (but with with no country-specific suffix) until I selected "English (US)" explicitly (and I think it was pre-set as "Use system languages", which in my case would probably have been incorrect because of the difference between my locale language and my keyboard layout). My keyboard does seem to be working correctly as US, but it was a slightly confusing process (especially as there are also both "Google" and "AOSP" on-screen keyboards that can be configured separately). This may just be my unfamiliarity with the Android settings menus, however.

I am just mentioning these mainly because they might be something that might need a little more work to become more user-friendly when a new owner boots up their Gemini for the first time?
Well, to my opinion it is minor bug. While I agreed that keyboard configuration is too complicated

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