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GNU/Linux user-land on top of Android

There was talk during the campaign about providing a GNU/Linux user-land on top of the Android system on the Gemini. Is there any news of this?

What I really want to be able to use my device for is off-line editing, of both text files and source code. For that I only need a text-based user-land, with access to regular developer tools (gcc, make, ...), text editors (joe, jed, vi, emacs) and version control (git, hg, cvs).

I tried the GNURoot Debian app, and while it does give me something that looks like a command line, it cannot access things like the SD card, which makes it difficult to use for anything useful.

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GNU/Linux user-land on top of Android - by nafmo - 03-20-2018, 08:36 AM

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