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Power off issues
Is anyone else seeing issues powering off the device from the Linux side? I have it up and running fine now, but powering off never succeeds. It starts to power off, but then freezes (with the screen still on). I have to press Off (Fn+Esc) for 10 seconds to force-poweroff.
Making it sleep in a reawaken-able way turns out to be a two step process, first turn the screen off, then sleep.

Though it can be typed on a single line:
xset dpms force off; echo mem > /sys/power/state

Edit: This only gives a short sleep, which is probably not what we want.
I've ported repowerd from UBPorts which does a better job of sleeping: Sleep on close
Your actual question about powering off, from the lxqt menu the power of option will work, only it takes 1-2 minutes to do so.

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